Pastor Jim Curran, Merica, Jimmy and Josh

Pastor Jim Curran, Merica, Jimmy and Josh

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As the Pastor at Brush Arbor Baptist Church I would like to extend an invitation for you to be our honored guest. We have a wonderful church family here that will welcome you. We are excited about the beautiful city of Danville that God has called us to and look forward to being involved in the community.

        Before coming to Danville I was a church planter and home missionary in Chicago, Illinois in a multi-ethnic neighborhood there. I grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma and lived there until I went to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. It was there I met my wonderful wife Merica. We have two children, Jimmy who is 23 and a Pastoral student at Calvary Baptist Bible College in King, NC and Josh who is 10. After college we moved to Brawley, California where I served as a youth Director and associate pastor and New Castle Indiana where I served as a second man involved in many ministries including song leading, nursing home, and Sunday school teacher. Along the way I have had the opportunity to serve in many ministries including the bus ministry, youth ministry, Christian School teacher, and taught all ages of Sunday school, as well as many other areas. Before we went to Chicago I had the privilege to preach in churches all over this great nation. In Chicago we ministered in a multi ethnic area with people from all over the world. We are glad that God has moved us here to Danville and we look forward to meeting your family.

Pastor Jim’s Testimony

My parents owned a motel when I was young and my family did not start going to church until I was ten or eleven years old. At that time we started to attend a Baptist Church. I initially made a profession of Faith when I was twelve while in a service. I did not, however really understand what I was doing. One night, about six months later, I could not sleep. I knew that if I died that night I would have went to hell. What I had been hearing in church about Christ dying for me had finally sunk in. I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and to save me from my sins by the side of my bed. As a teenager I started to get out of church and became backslidden as I got into college at Oklahoma State. God had saw fit to place several people at my work that went to Bible Baptist Church. They prayed for me and constantly dealt with me. Eventually God got a hold of my heart and I started attending Bible Baptist. Christ cleaned up my life during this time. I had been wondering what God would do with my life and had heard several messages about being willing to surrender. This had weighed very heavy on my heart for a while. In Sunday School, we looked at II Timothy 4 and Preach the Word in Verse 2 popped out and spoke to my heart. It was then that I was sure that God was calling me to preach. I struggled with surrendering for several weeks and went to the altar several times about it. Finally I talked to my Pastor, Bro Sam Davison about it and surrendered to preach that same Sunday. At the start of the next school year I left for Baptist Bible College for training.


Merica’s Testomony

I was not raised in a Christian home, but did attend different churches with my friends while growing up. I did not realize it at the time, but even then I was searching for peace with no avail. At the age of 16, I made a profession of faith. I had a head knowledge of salvation without a heart knowledge. It was not until many years and many events that the Lord was using, unbeknownst to me at the time, to get my attention that I was in need of that heart knowledge of salvation. On the night of July 12, 1999 I saw my need and knew that I needed to get this matter of salvation settled once and for all. I, for the first time, realized that Christ died for me and if I were the only one that was on earth, He would have died for me because He loves even a sinner like me. I then prayed asking the Lord Jesus to come into my heart, cleanse me of my sins, and to save me. Since that moment, I know for certain that I am on my way  to Heaven and that Jesus is MY Savior.